•When it comes to playground flooring, Sports Way strongly believes in the philosophy of “safety is a priority, quality is a must.” We are trusted partners with several of the best and internationally certified manufacturers for both indoor and outdoor sports and playground flooring. Sports Way has been the supplier and the installer of flooring and running tracks for decades through projects achieved for both governmental and private sector clients. We are collaborating with internationally renowned and certified manufacturers who introduce best playgrounds that are designed to be pleasing and eye catching for everyone. Our Play equipment products are diverse, customizable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and designed to suit all age groups and children with special needs as well
•Sports Way can transform your court into versatile area by creating an appealing and safe multi-sport game court in your school, on your playground, in your city or your district where you do sports that little bit more enticing. Sports Way provides a complete outdoor and indoor sports solution. Our courts, whether professional or practice courts, are designed and manufactured based on international standards and certifications. Sports Way courts modular & multi-sport courts are composed according to the strictest criteria regarding safety, user-friendliness and ergonomics. Courts may be customized with required sports equipment such as basketball, football, badminton, cricket and any other sports equipment as required including Multi sports, paddle courts, tennis courts, soccer, etc